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Excellence, Quality, Innovation and Flexibility distinguish us worldwide

Tipiemme is an international leader in the customized cold forming of stainless steel and other metals for the sector Large Plants. As cold forming does not thermally expand stainless steel, the great advantage is that it does not make it porous and neither does it alter the structure (a basic requirement for products intended for culinary and chemical uses).  Excellence and technological innovation have made Tipiemme a partner also greatly demanded in other industries: industrial design, quality infrastructures, gardening, medical, food, shipbuilding…

Tipiemme Stampaggio Italiano
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Tipiemme Stampaggio Italiano
Tipiemme Stampaggio Italiano

Tipiemme follows the implementation of the project in all its stages: from the feasibility analysis of the customer’s drawing, to the design of the mould (for deep-drawing, cutting, drilling, edging) in collaboration with the best constructors selected through years of collaboration, up to the perfect construction of the moulded piece.

Tipiemme offers a store and maintenance service in its warehouses to over 400 customer moulds.

The company has hydraulic presses up to 3.000 tons, unique in their kind, with innovative and customized production cycles and technologies, specifically designed and built in Italy for Tipiemme. It also has mechanical presses up to 400 tons, two highly modern Amada punching machines and a large department for the subsequent working processes.