Key Features

Why is Tipiemme at the Forefront in Moulding?

360° Consultancy

From the feasibility analysis to the making of the mould, Tipiemme will support you at every stage to achieve a finished product that meets your requirements.

35 Years of Experience in the Field

High specialization and industry knowledge ensure successful and competitive results, in line with the market trends.

Human Resources

Tipiemme can count on technicians and machine operators who are experienced in the complex working of metals. Competence and responsibility permit to manage advanced machinery in order to obtain the highest precision.

Overcoming Limits

The investment in technology has allowed to Tipiemme to overcome the theoretical limitations of cold deformation. We can also form 30/10 thick stainless steel and in certain cases even greater thicknesses.

Customized Production Cycles

Tipiemme has the latest machinery with customized production cycles, made to fit specific customer requirements.

Versatility in Moulding

The technology of the machinery combined with experience allowed Tipiemme to bring their art into new fields besides the Large Plants sector in which they are leading.

Highest Quality Raw Material

To achieve perfection in moulding, Tipiemme collaborates for over 35 years now only with the best steel mills, requiring the utmost quality of the raw material.

Efficiency, Flexibility and Dynamism

Tipiemme combines high quality, speed of execution and certain delivery times, backed up by a great flexibility determined by the wide range of machinery they dispose of.

The Company holds over 400 Moulds

The forming tools, created specifically for the Tipiemme presses, remain property of the customer and for their sole use. Programmed interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance allow to keep the moulds in perfect efficiency.

Double Quality Control in Line

Each machine is flanked by two operators who carry out a double check on the sheet, both before and after the moulding. An essential step as it takes only one speck of dust to ruin an entire moulding.