In 1985, Giovanni Montin and Mario Peruzzetto had the foresight to resign from the stable company they worked for to follow their dream, betting on cold forming and the deformation of stainless steel. With the construction of the first Tasca hydraulic press, still in use for over 35 years now, Tipiemme began its adventure by producing basins for laundries in a warehouse of only 500 sq.m.

Subsequently, foreseeing the evolution of the market, Tipiemme chose to specialize in the cold forming of customized parts for industrial kitchens (Large Plants industry). This insight allowed the company to evolve technologically and to expand until today, our machinery includes more than ten ultramodern hydraulic and mechanical presses and a work surface of 5,500 square meters.

At present, Tipiemme is led by the highly experienced Giovanni Montin (managing shareholder) in partnership with his wife and in collaboration with their daughter Francesca who also works in the company.

Pressa oleodinamica Tasca

Tasca hydraulic press.

Francesca e Giovanni Montin

Francesca and Giovanni Montin.