Tipiemme is able to provide a collaboration at 360° which, after a careful evaluation of the piece, continues with the design and the construction of the mould.

The synergy developed through years of collaboration with the best manufacturers of moulds is a further guarantee of quality and perfection.

Magazzino stampi

We store more than 400 moulds!

    • Comprehensive analysis on the feasibility of piece;
    • Collaboration and ongoing dialogue with the customer after evaluation;
    • Design and construction of the mould with the help and advice of the best manufacturers, selected on the basis of synergies developed over of years joint working;
    • Excellent quality of the mould;
    • Possibility to simulate the deep drawing, in order to highlight particular problems of material elongation;
    • Test of the finished mould until the piece requested in drawing is obtained;
    • The mould is for the exclusive use of the customer and remains his property and will be stored;
    • Tipiemme sees to the routine maintenance and repairs of the moulds by means of programmed interventions meant to keep them in perfect working order.